Features Availability
NSE Cash market Yes
NSE Future market Yes
Support Resistance Levels Yes
Indicators Yes – 60++
Multiple charts Yes
Intraday charts Yes
EOD charts Yes
Texting tool Yes
Lower Indicators Yes – up to 9
Colour customization Yes
Save Option Yes
Print Option Yes
Combined Analysis Yes



Cost per 1 Month Rs. 500/-
Cost per 3 Months Rs. 1400/-
Cost per 6 Months Rs. 2700/-
Cost per 12 Months Rs. 5000/-

Bank Details:

A/c No : 236201501513
Name : Kasturi Nishangi
Branch : Shivam Road
IFSC code : ICIC0002362


  • Payment can be made through internet banking, credit cards, cheque or cash deposit.

For offline payments:
All cash deposits are subjected to extra payment of Rs.170/- towards bank charges
After payment, mail all the below details to billing@niftystockcharts.com

Phone Number
Mode of payment (internet, cash or cheque)
Deposited Bank (ICICI/SBI)
Transaction details

For online payments:
For online payment click here
After payment, account creation/renewal will be done immediately and automatically.
NO NEED to send any mail after online payment. You will receive a mail from Times of Money (ccavenue) and from NiftyStockCharts with your payment details.