Nifty Stock Charts (NSC) software is developed using latest technology in java. our interactive software enables you to analyse Real-Time intraday charts and end-of-day charts with advanced technical analysis tools, including more than 50 built-in technical indicators.

The charts can be easily customized to be most valuable to you and can also be extended as per your requirement. You can design your own toolbars, choose which features to be available in the start screen and even enable you to define new indicators and Buy/Sell signals.

Difference between NSC and other products

Important features Nifty Stock Charts Other sites
Interactivity level High Low
Real-Time data support Easy, automatic updates Difficult
(high bandwidth use)
On-the-fly modification by users Yes No (reloads needed)
Internet Usage Low High
Interactive technical analysis Yes No
Extensive customization Very easy Difficult
Interactive information display Yes No
Printing support Yes Limited
Extendable features (using JavaScript) Yes No
Interactive drawing of trends, formations, etc. Yes No
Easy saving of analysis and studies Yes No
Scalability High, easy Low to medium


Configuration capabilities
Number of customizable parameters 430
Technical analysis specifications        
Number of built-in indicators 60
Maximum number of indicators displayed below the price chart at the same time 9
Support for multiple indicators of the same kind at the same time +
Trendline and formation drawing +
Creation of parallel lines (easy drawing of trend channels etc.) +
End-of-day data support +
Automatic weekly data support +
Automatic monthly data support +
Support and resistance levels +
Fibonacci retracements +
Regular retracements +
Text tool - allows users to place comments on charts +
Option to set different colors for individual objects drawn on charts (trendlines, retracement levels, text etc.) +
Option to save and restore studies and objects drawn on charts (trendlines, retracement levels, text etc.) +
Automatic loading of users' studies for a given stock +
Intraday data support (individual transactions) +
Automatic intraday time compression (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 sec., 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 min., 1 hour) +
Two time compression algorithms +
Automatic buy and sell signals for several built-in indicators +
Price chart annotations in data sources, for example custom Buy/Sell signals, split or dividend marks +
User-defined indicators (via built-in JavaScript editor) +
User-defined buy and sell signals (via built-in JavaScript editor) +
Charting capabilities
Linear scale +
Semi-logarithmic scale +
Line charts +
Bar charts (OHLC) +
Candlestick charts +
Different colors for Doji, Bullish and Bearish candles +
Different colors for Bullish and Bearish OHLC bars +
Volume charts +
Color-Coded volume charts +
Interactive information display (based on mouse position) +
Extended mouse pointer-based interactive information display +
Chart settings can be defined in HTML code +
Advanced configuration of time labels +
Performance charts +
Open interest charts +
Primary and secondary charts +
Performance comparison of multiple stocks +
Multiple indicators can be displayed for selected stock +
Chart area maximization +
Chart legend +
Adjustable chart margins +
Ability to use mouse scroll button for chart scrolling +